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Education of Austrian attorneys
In order to be admitted to practice as attorneys in Austria, law graduates are required to complete five years of practical training of which at least 9 months must consist of practical training in a court of law. For the rest of the time, candidates can choose to work as trainees in a law firm. Entry in the list of attorneys after completion of this period of practical training is subject to the candidate passing a written and oral "attorney's examination" before a higher court and positive judgement of his or her "trustworthiness".

Rights and duties of Austrian attorneys
An Austrian attorney must be independent and self-employed and may only establish a firm together with other attorneys. Attorneys are prohibited from entering employment with commercial or industrial enterprises etc.
Austrian attorneys are subject to professional confidentiality. This confidentiality is protected by the law, i.e. an attorney may refuse to give evidence as a witness. At the same time, the attorney is obliged to use his best efforts in order to safeguard his clients' interests.
Practice of law in Austria is subject to strict guidelines issued by the independent professional association of attorneys (Chamber of attorneys).

What WE can do for YOU:
We provide legal advice on all kinds of legal matters in Austria and represent you before all Austrian courts and administrational authorities. We offer the advantages of a far-reaching network of international cooperation.
We support you in connection with the acquisition of real estate in Austria, covering all steps from the execution of contracts to obtaining the land transfer permit and entry in the land register.
We establish your company, draft company agreements and represent you in a fiduciary capacity in your dealings with Austrian banks.
We provide legal advice and represent you in succession matters.

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